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Welcome to PickaFlor Floral Wholesaler

At PickaFlor we are dedicated to providing you with the world's best fresh cut flowers. Our 
promise is to provide our clients with the highest quality and superior products. Our team is passionate about our business and we hold high standards to help our clients succeed.


We offer a wide range of wholesale flowers at competitive prices and guaranteed quality.


We continuously bring you the finest varieties that excel in the market today. We meticulously test hundreds of flowers from among the top breeders and select only the best based on overall vase life performance, productivity and appearance.


At PickaFlor, we believe that excellent flowers are important but not the only part of the process.  Proper care and handling, packaging, transportation and on-time delivery are also crucial to providing excellent service.

If you require a variety or a special flower that is not in our catalog, please ask one of our sales representatives who will be more then happy to help you find what you need.  


We are here to help you and can arrange flexible terms that best fit your business models and needs

Standing Order

Save money and time! You can receive the same order of your favourite flowers on a weekly basis through our Standing Order Program at competitive year-round pricing. During peak holiday times, clients will benefit from "doubling up" their order at the same standing order price.

Farm Direct

Our Farm Direct Program will allow you to purchase full boxes of your favourite flowers straight from our farms to your store at incredible prices!

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